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Secrets to saving during your Summer holiday

Secrets to saving during your Summer holiday

Summer is the perfect time to go on holiday, however it is also the most popular season for long breaks and prices can be very high, especially if you are travelling with family. Therefore, planning a holiday earlier, knowing some tricks and being creative can save you a bundle.

We have gathered some useful tips that will hopefully help you enjoy your Summer holiday without limiting yourself too much:

Browse in incognito mode. When doing your research on different flights, turn on the incognito mode in your browser. Based on the cookies that each website collects about you, flight prices may vary from user to user based on your location, interests and other information. Therefore, searching for flights in this mode will help you save on some routes.

Fly midweek. Since people mostly fly out somewhere during the weekends, airlines usually increase prices during these popular times. So, you can save up by searching for departure dates in the middle of the week, as these flights are less crowded and some companies can even offer you special discounts.

Negotiate prices directly with your hotel. Sometimes hotels give higher prices through booking websites but if you contact them directly without any third-party involved, you can ask for any special offers that might be available during the requested period.

Visit during off-seasons. Off-season airfares are usually hundreds of pounds cheaper than during peak seasons and you get to experience the same place with the same services, just for a lower price. There are many places in the World where Summer is not the popular season for tourists, you can just do your own research based on what you and your family want and try out the idea.

Free walking tours. If you haven’t heard about them yet, then you should know that almost all locations have some local groups who can show you the city and expect you to pay whatever you like. It is a great choice for budget trips as you can control your costs and still enjoy the tour.

Stay where you can cook. Eating out while travelling takes a huge amount of the budget. However, you can cut down your costs on food if you stay in a place with a kitchen. This way you can also try shopping in local supermarkets and cook the food yourself.

Saving up during a holiday is not always easy, especially when you are travelling and entertaining children. If you feel that you need additional cash to help you enjoy the holiday, Creditstar can always help you.

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