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Must-read finance books to change your life

Must-read finance books to change your life

When it comes to learning the foundations of investing or figuring out the best way to budget, the information can be overwhelming. Try to walk inside any of the book stores and you will find hundreds of books that promise to teach you everything about the money, but some of them just might be a waste of time. To help you learn the best practices, we have narrowed down the list with the best classic books that educate readers on how to become wealthy:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: this book is one of the classics that teaches the basics of managing your personal finances. The author, Robert Kiyosaki, points out that working hard and earning a lot doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending, because you must also learn to spend wisely and change your mindset. Kiyosaki insists that training your mind can bring wealth for the owner as well as for the bank account.

The Richest Man in Babylon: another old yet classy book by George Clayson who tells informative stories about spending money and explains how you can make money work for you. Clayson also shares wise examples on how you can keep the money you have and gives many other useful insights. This book will transform your perspective on financial decisions and will positively impact your financial habits.

The Intelligent Investor is the grandfather of all investment strategy books out there. If you want to learn how to analyse potential investments, keep your emotions away from investing and develop a skeptical attitude towards any excitement around shares, then you should definitely read this book. The author claims that wealthy people have the most discipline out there, because investing isn’t about beating others at their game, but controlling yourself at your own game.

Start now, show how disciplined you are at reading these recommended books and use this knowledge to your own advantage. And while you are learning to manage your own financial situation, Creditstar can help you with that by reviewing your loan application fast and if approved, you can repay the loan within a very flexible period.

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