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5 ideas for Christmas gifts that don't break the bank

5 ideas for Christmas gifts that don't break the bank

Christmas is almost here, and perhaps you are already starting to feel a bit worried about the effect it will have on your wallet. Not to worry, we have a few simple tips for how you can come up with fun Christmas gifts on a budget. All it takes is some patience, creativity and the willingness to play around a bit. Here are a few ways to easily create personal, surprising Christmas gifts for under £10!

Christmas gift for the children (or the childish)

The most important thing for the kids is to share time with you, so why not plan an entire day filled with fun (and free) activities for you to enjoy together? For example, you could create a treasure map as a Christmas gift. Draw it on old fashioned paper and burn the edges a bit so that it resembles a proper treasure map. Decide on a day when you will all dress up as pirates, explore the map and go on an adventure together. Perhaps it will lead you to some task that needs to be performed or riddles to be solved in order to reach the next clue? Let your imagination run wild and make the treasure fit your budget. It could be anything, perhaps a list of the ingredients for a cake you are going to bake the next day? It's not the prize itself that matters, the important thing is that you get to spend quality time together.

Christmas gift for a person who likes interior decoration

YouTube is your best friend when it comes to inspiration for how to decorate your home. There are millions of videos available with simple decoration tips that you can follow without special skills. For example, you could buy a couple of cheap light strands and put them in glass jars, or perhaps take a few egg cartons and turn them into pretty flowers as decorations for the light sources. You could attach pretty photos all along the strand to turn it into an impressive piece of art. Glass jars could also be used to make snow globes or perhaps form an impressive little installation of mini plants. There are no limits once you let your creativity flow freely.

Christmas gift for a foodie

Do you know someone who really loves good food? If so, satisfy their appetite. If you need to come up with a Christmas gift for them for less than £10, we have two suggestions for you. The first, of course, would be to treat them to a delicious homemade feast. It does not have to get too expensive. Just stick to good basic ingredients and seasonal vegetables, and you will do fine. The second suggestion would be to buy an elegant notebook and paste in pictures of your favourite meals and recipes. This can become quite an impressive personal gift - as well as a source of inspiration and an excuse for you to have many nice evenings together, with lots of exquisite food.

Christmas gift for a someone into fashion

No need to go overboard and buy expensive clothes to come up with a trendy, fashionable Christmas gift. Simply have a look in your closet or buy something cheap second hand that you can then transform into a masterpiece. Once again, YouTube is the place to go to for inspiration and tips. Simply do a search for DIY (do it yourself) and you will find a lot of clever ideas for how to come up with Christmas gifts under £10. You can expect to find fashion tips for all skill levels. In many cases you do not even need a sewing machine and you will get by just fine with scissors, needle and thread. How inventive can you get? Well for example, there are videos that show you how to transform an old t-shirt into a bag, or a pair of leggings into a top.

Christmas gift for the ones who don’t need anything

Material things are nice, but they are certainly not everything in life. Children are not the only ones who would like to spend more time with you. No matter who it is you care about, the best thing you can offer them is your time. Make the most of it! Plan a picnic, a cozy movie night, perhaps an ice skating adventure or something else that brings joy to all, but does not necessarily have to cost too much. The most important thing is that you spend time together and have fun. If you are a bit more intimate with each other, then perhaps something romantic would be appropriate. How about a massage or a home spa treatment? Create a nice looking gift card, add an exciting photo that you took yourself, and give it that personal touch.

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