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How to save on food shopping?

How to save on food shopping?

If you have noticed that you've been surviving from salary to salary and you don’t really have any savings, then maybe you should reconsider your spending habits and reorganise your goals. One of the main categories which usually takes half of your budget is groceries. To help you save money, we are sharing some useful tips you can use while doing your food shopping:

1) Always go to the supermarket with a full stomach, because if you go shopping when you are hungry, you will end up buying more stuff than planned. Your brain will send you more signals to buy more food because of an empty stomach and you may never eat the things you buy, but you spend money on them.

2) Don't be afraid to buy supermarket brands. Often, we buy products that have a well-known brand on the packet, but many food stores have their own production facility where they produce the same products with the same quality but for a cheaper price. So try a couple of new products that you never looked at before.

3) Go frozen. Usually, when fruits and some vegetables are not in season they cost more. To get your 5 servings a day at a cheaper price, try frozen variations which have the same dose of vitamins. Just do your research on the best brands that produce good quality frozen fruit and veg and try them out.

4) Limit your shopping trips. Make a list of products you will need for a week and try to visit the store up to twice a week, because the more you go to the store the more you end up buying items, sometimes even unnecessary ones.

5) Stock up. Keep an eye on weekly sales that different supermarkets offer and stock up! For example, if the store is having a good discount on pasta, buy more for a month and that will save you money.

We hope that you will find these tips useful and will try them out. Once you get used to the new money-spending habit, you can try putting aside the money you’ve saved on groceries. While you are getting used to the new ways of spending money, Creditstar can help you with quick loans for any emergency you might have. It takes a very short time to fill in the application and to apply for a loan. If you are approved, the money goes to your bank account directly and the repayment period is very flexible.

Keep checking our blog for more financial tips and weekly advice which will help you manage your financial status.

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