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Now available for up to 6 months

How can a consumer loan make your life easier? There are three reasons.

How can a consumer loan make your life easier? There are three reasons.

What exactly is a consumer loan? A consumer loan is meant for people who need to borrow extra money quickly and easily by taking a loan that usually helps them pay for something requiring a larger amount of money in an emergency or for paying immediately for a great offer.

A consumer loan usually has a longer repayment period and the client can repay it in monthly instalments. A consumer loan is an alternative to hire purchase or a credit card. A consumer loan also differs from a bank loan in that it is a faster and more convenient alternative.
The various options offered by Creditstar make borrowing easy, fast and stress-free.

What does it mean for our customers who would like to take a consumer loan? A consumer loan allows you to do everything that makes your week or month a little easier – a quick loan makes it possible to pay urgent expenses and do so without having to worry, whilst also offering you security.

A consumer loan helps you pay bills

Having no money to pay your bills causes stress. You have monthly obligations you must meet, but the threat of being unable to do so is frustrating and embarrassing. A consumer loan gives you the opportunity to pay your bills on time without having to worry about extra charges.

You have a job and regular income and it’s understandable that you are sometimes a little short of money and cannot pay all of your bills and have some money left over for everyday expenses. We can support you with a flexible and convenient opportunity to access extra money without leaving your home.

A consumer loan is quick and unsecured

Getting a consumer loan does not take long – if approved then the money usually reaches the customer’s account within a day. You can fill in the application online or on your mobile phone – applying for a consumer loan takes less than 10 minutes. A consumer loan differs from a bank or property loan by not requiring collateral.

A consumer loan may not be suitable for purchasing a car or a house, because the loan interest is usually higher than that of, for example, a property loan. However, the advantage of a consumer loan is that its interest is lower than that of an express loan.

A consumer loan is meant for your needs

You should think in advance and apply for a consumer loan for bigger purchases. For example, you may need a bigger amount of money to pay for furniture or home appliances. A consumer loan can also be used to cover all kinds of unexpected expenses, such as medical bills, travel costs or renovation.

Creditstar offers consumer loans of up to £700 for a term of up to 6 months.

What are the advantages?

You can fill in the consumer loan application online or on your mobile phone
Loan amount from £100 to £700
Term of up to 6 months
Special offers for loyal customers
Convenience, friendliness and speed

We accept applications 24 hours a day. Consumer loan applications are reviewed within a day. Read the terms and conditions and consult with a specialist if necessary before you apply for the loan.

Representative example:
Amount of credit: £300 for 4 months. Interest: £185.68. Interest rate: 274%pa (fixed).
Four repayments of: £121.42. Total amount payable: £485.68. Representative 1081.24% APR.


Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

NB! Every loan is a financial liability. Before entering into any Agreement read the Terms and Conditions, if necessary consult with a specialist.

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