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Need extra money? Use this top 5 apps to plan a budget.

Need extra money? Use this top 5 apps to plan a budget.

Keeping track of your finances can be tricky sometimes. As the holiday season has finished, you might need some help with planning a budget and analysing your spending habits. For many people, saving money and making more reasonable choices with their spending habits has typically been one of the top New Year’s resolutions. We have compiled a list of mobile apps suitable for both Android and iOS that will really come in handy if you’re looking to save money and track your spending this year.

Here is the list of our favourite apps that will help you stay on track with expenses:

Wallet: a very nice app that lets you create a free account, easily manage all your expenses and create new financial goals such as saving for a new home or paying off your credit card.

PocketGuard Budget App: this app will help you track where your money goes, your monthly bills and make wise purchase decisions based on all gathered analytics.

You Need a Budget: it’s one of the most popular budgeting apps, because it also gives advice and provides support on how to deal with financial stress.

GoodBudget: this app is a perfect choice for couples who want to have one budget together.

Wally: this daily expense tracker shows expenses with beautiful charts. You can also take pictures of receipts and keep them in the app.

As you can see, staying on budget can be very easy and you can save some money for an upcoming holiday or for other important events in your life. However, if you do need financial support and some extra cash, Creditstar can review your loan application fast and if approved you can repay the loan within a very flexible period.

Keep checking our blog for more financial tips and read weekly advice which will help you manage your financial status.

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