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5 ways you are wasting money

5 ways you are wasting money

If you are trying to save up for that amazing holiday to the Maldives, maybe you should start by analysing your current spending habits to see if there are any ways that you might be wasting money without even understanding it. The 5 points mentioned below are quite common, however not many people really think about them even though you can cut some costs by simply thinking your way around these options:

Forgetting lunch: it’s quite common to buy lunch at work rather than cooking and bringing your own from home. Even though lunch at work can be considered cheap, purchasing them on a daily basis can build up to a lot of money. Just imagine how much you can save by simply taking a few hours once a week to prepare meals for the rest of the week. This will also allow you to control the cost of the meals that you are cooking.

Avoiding good deals: before making a purchase, take some time to learn what prices are offered by competitors and you can save up some money on the difference.

Throwing away old clothes: try to sell items that you don’t wear anymore by publishing them on online marketplaces or taking them to vintage stores. Some stores can even give you discounts on your next purchase if you bring old clothes for recycling. Do your research and receive some benefits.

Not using loyalty cards: by using them at shops and entertainment centers that you visit often, you can easily save up on special deals for loyalty card holders. You can even receive special discounts and small gifts on your birthdays.

Doing grocery shopping without a list: going to the supermarket without a plan can lead to buying food that you don’t need. Too much food in the fridge often goes bad and that is where your money goes to waste.

Saving money seems much more complicated than it actually is. Figuring out the ways you are spending money can show how much you could save in total. If you are still learning how to save and in need of some extra cash, think about using fast loans - decisions are made fast and if approved, the money goes in to your bank account immediately.

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